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PVP Arena Mats!

This high-quality rubber arena mat is perfect for playing your games of PVP Arena or as a four tile dungeon for your games of Super Dungeon Explore.

Relic Knights November Releases

Intensify your battles for the Last Galaxy with the newest Relic Knights reinforcements. Now available in the Soda Pop Store!


my painting gallery slash hobby blog....thing

Check out demoni's Relic Knights! "Hi there, i wanted to share some of my painted mini's, WIPs and maybe some custom basing and terrain projects. I've got all of my Noh done, unfortunately I didn't take any WIP pics. well here is a few of Kasaro To and azi"

John and I had a paint off!

John from SPM and Glenn had a speed paint challenge, 45 minutes to complete a random SDE figure (It was selected and prepped for us ahead of time) We were allowed to bring 3 brushes and 16 paints. Our figure was Kisa.

Relic Knights Terrain

Need some ideas for Relic Knights Terrain? Check out what bashamer has been doing with his!

Find Players and Groups through Social Media

There are lots of Relic Knights groups popping up all over the country. Many of them are using social media to connect with one another. Check out this thread to find those groups!

A Tale of Painting and Modelling.

Check out what skinrab has been doing with Super Dungeon Explore! My intent with this is to have one solid thread in which to talk about SDE figures I have both painted and sculpted.