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PVP Arena Mats!

This high-quality rubber arena mat is perfect for playing your games of PVP Arena or as a four tile dungeon for your games of Super Dungeon Explore.

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Announcing Candy Heart

Announcing Candy Heart – a special miniature for your games of Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity. Candy Heart is a white metal miniature and will include tracking and reference cards for use as a Radiant Unique in your games.

Announcing Forgotten King

Soda Pop Miniatures announces the March launch of a Kickstarter to bring to life the next edition of Super Dungeon Explore.


Find Players and Groups through Social Media

There are lots of Relic Knights groups popping up all over the country. Many of them are using social media to connect with one another. Check out this thread to find those groups!

3d SDE Board for Anime Expo WIP

Just wanted to share my progress on my SDE board. What is so cool about this is my entire family got involved in making this board. So while its not perfect it by far has become my favorite miniatures project.

Dana's Mini Cutie Thread

Hey everyone my name is Dana and I love to paint cute things! I painted some miniatures as a kid, and for roleplaying games and things before, but I have never been tempted to paint and play an actual miniatures game... until now! I bought the SDE main box a little while ago after backing the Forgotten King Kickstarter. The characters were so cute and appealing to me that it surprised me that no one had made a game in this kind of art style before! My day job is in the animation industry, and so more stylized, exaggerated, super cute designs appeal to me a lot. I almost think of these as not even a game, but a super cute set of toys that happen to have a second function as a game piece. Here is some that I have painted so far! I really like a lot of the threads I see on here where people are tracking their progress and posting works in progress, so I would like to do something similar! My goal, like it seems many of you have, is to finish all of the current releases before I get my Forgotten King figures in the mail! These are going pretty slow right now, but hopefully posting on here will motivate me to do more and faster! XOXO Dana

Relic Knights Q&A with Soda Pop Deke

Soda Pop Deke has been answering a Q&A for a while on the Forums. In case you havent been following every question, you can check out the conversation here! If you have a question too, feel free to post it up!