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Gencon Prereleases and Specials

Gencon is the biggest event of the year, and Ninja Division and Soda Pop will be there in full force. Visit us at booth 1943 to get a huge selection early release items, including: Super Dungeon, Relic Knights, HellDorado, Anima, DeadFellas, Angry Sheep, and new Apparel!

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Relic Knights Goes Digital!

Ninja Division Publishing and Soda Pop Miniatures announces launch of Relic Knights Companion App for mobile devices.

Relic Knights: Knighthood

Knighthood, is the first of four campaigns for the Relic Knights: Darkspace Rising event series. Knighthood includes an all new story, and is available now!

DeadFellas: Creator Interview

Ninja Division’s, John Cadice, recently had a sack thrown over his head to interview two of the creators of DeadFellas: Brian Snoddy and Jesper Myrfors.


Find Players and Groups through Social Media

There are lots of Relic Knights groups popping up all over the country. Many of them are using social media to connect with one another. Check out this thread to find those groups!