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Announcing Candy Heart

Announcing Candy Heart – a special miniature for your games of Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity. Candy Heart is a white metal miniature and will include tracking and reference cards for use as a Radiant Unique in your games.

Announcing Forgotten King

Soda Pop Miniatures announces the March launch of a Kickstarter to bring to life the next edition of Super Dungeon Explore.


Relic Knights Q&A with Soda Pop Deke

Soda Pop Deke has been answering a Q&A for a while on the Forums. In case you havent been following every question, you can check out the conversation here! If you have a question too, feel free to post it up!

Relic Knights Game Review

We are all excited for the launch of Relic Knights! As we get closer, time to absorb all the information you can. Check out this great view from A Fear of Numbers Blog, they go into a nice outline for what we have talked about so far for Relic Knights!