Special Starfinderâ„¢ Miniatures Announcement September 27

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Boise Idaho (September 25, 2017)

Paizo and Ninja Division Publishing are excited to announce a new project that will be launching on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Both companies are keeping the details close to the vest until then. However, all are encouraged to pay close attention to the websites for both companies (Paizo.com and NinjaDivision.com), as well as their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST for all the details on this exciting new adventure.

About Paizo

Paizo Inc. is a leading publisher of fantasy roleplaying games, accessories, board games, and novels. Paizo's Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game, the result of the largest open playtest in the history of tabletop gaming, is currently the best-selling tabletop roleplaying game in hobby stores. Pathfinder Adventure Path is the most popular and best-selling monthly product in the tabletop RPG industry. Paizo.com is the leading online hobby retail store, offering tens of thousands of products from a variety of publishers to customers all over the world. In the ten years since its founding, Paizo Publishing has received more than 50 major awards and has grown to become one of the most influential companies in the hobby games industry.

About Ninja Division Publishing

Ninja Division Publishing™, LLC produces and publishes high quality board games, card games, and beautiful hobby model miniatures for tabletops around the world. Ninja Division’s tabletop lineup includes beloved originals such as the ground-breaking, dungeon-dashing Super Dungeon®: Explore; the charming chibi-ninja battle game, Ninja All-Stars®; the immersive and ever-expanding space war of Relic Knights®; and the forthcoming interstellar railway hold-up and heist, Rail Raiders Infinite™. Ninja Division also publishes an array of licensed games including favorites such as My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria™,  Alien v Predator™, Codinca™, DrunkQuest™,  and the award winning family game, Luchador!™. With legions of fans around the world, Ninja Division encourages both collaborative and competitive play in its community of gamers of all ages!


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