Space Goblins Invade the Masterclass Starfinder Miniatures Collection!

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Goblin legend claims that long ago goblins escaped the destruction of Golarion stowed away on spacecraft, and thus became a pestilence aboard Absalom Station. Over time, the goblins learned to build weapons and armor from scavenged parts, though many of their efforts are prone to exploding at the slightest provocation. They have since managed to hijack other ships and spread to the stars.

Space goblins have inherited two traits that are distinctly different from Golarion's goblins. They are a bit more intelligent, instinctively able to take apart technology and rebuild it to suit their strange whims. They are quicker as well, scuttling rapidly into nearby ventilation ducts after swiping unattended datapads or laser pistols. However, their hatred for dogs and horses remains.

These clever, insatiable, technologically savvy creatures love dismantling anything mechanical, and have no qualms about doing the same to any adventurers in Paizo’s Starfinder™ Roleplaying Game.

These officially licensed space goblins are brought to life as beautiful premium-quality unpainted resin miniatures. These Masterclass Miniatures are available in the new Kickstarter campaign for Starfinder™ Miniatures brought to you by Ninja Division Publishing found here