Lumi Tactics and Combos in Way of the Fighter

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Lumi is a master zoner, keeping her enemy at bay while damaging them with a relentless torrent of blasts. Her ability increases the range and speed of all her blasts, giving all of her blast actions an unparalleled range, so she never really needs to get up close. Her Mandala Block is slow but offers very good protection, and the ability to push her opponent back can get her out of melee situations. On the offensive side, Lunar Beam can hit an opponent up to six spaces away, Depending on the amount of power dice used. Shooting Stars can chew through blocks, and with a choice of high or low blast, it is impossible to avoid all of the blast tokens. Comet Strike and Heavenly Punch are great tools for when Lumi needs some personal space, and Celestial Palm has unusual target grids with great range. Finally, her mode Zakkadia’s Concord allows you to reroll a blast action’s priority, which can be really useful considering their relatively low priority.


The Fallback technique from the Fluid style allows Lumi to retreat with ease and maintain her distance, while the Yang technique from the Chi style helps her to maintain the energy pool she needs to power her attacks. The Aerial technique from the Fluid style and the Bombardtechnique from the Chi style work well together, making Lumi a fast moving target that can blast her enemies from above. The key to Lumi’s blasting tendencies it to make sure to keep plenty of distance between her and her opponent. While Lumi is not a combo-focus character, she has some interesting options showcasing her maneuverability.




Retreating Kick + Heavenly Punch: This is a great combo to execute when an opponent is getting a bit too close. Thanks to their similar (and relatively high) priorities, plus Retreating Kick’s Chain 1, this is a pretty easy combo to pull off. Retreating Kick can be delivered from from two spaces away and can hit multiple enemy positions, regardless of Lumi’s own position. After delivering the Retreating Kick, its Retreat 1 effect lets Lumi create more space between her and her opponent. Chain 1 returns one of the dice used on the kick to the active pool, allowing it to be recycled to pull off Heavenly Punch, ideally from a full three spaces away. After delivering the punch the opponent is pushed an additional two spaces away. When executed perfectly, this leaves five spaces between Lumi and her opponent—perfect for a blasting fighter like Lumi!


Aiming Retreat + Lunar Beam: This is a mid to late game combo, since it requires some power dice to pull off to full effect. Begin the turn by choosing the Leap command and jump back from the opponent to create some space. Then play Aiming Retreat. Use its backward movement to add two additional spaces between you and your opponent. Then, from your jumping position, roll as many power dice as possible with Lunar Beam for big damage at range.


High Jump + Celestial Palm: This epic combo can really catch an opponent off guard since Lumi can execute it from a long ways away, but involves her closing in with her opponent. It also has high priority values making it easy to pull off with relatively few dice. Begin the combo by having Lumi choose the Leap command to jump forward two spaces. Then, use High Jump to move two additional spaces forward. High Jump’s Traverse effect makes it so that you can pass through your opponent, providing maximum flexibility in getting into Celestial Palm’s range. Chain 1 recovers a die spent on High Jump, lowering its total priority and making it easy to pull off Celestial Palm.

Celestial Palm, when delivered from the jumping position, can hit all three positions. If you have performed your movement correctly, there is no position from which your opponent can avoid the strike.

Between the jump move, the High Jump move, and Celestial Palm’s range, this combo can be delivered from up to seven spaces away! The combo’s high priority and Celestial Palm’s Knockdown effect make this a perfect combo to pull off in order to steal the initiative from your opponent.