Unpredictable and Quick, Aurelia Brings Brazilian Fighting Style to Way of the Fighter!

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Following the rhythm of the Berimbau, the musical instrument at the heart of capoeira, Aurelia is constantly swinging back and forth. Her movements are unpredictable and quick, and her hits tend to land from everywhere. She relies on movement and positioning to bait her opponent, rather than relying on blasts. Her Fighter Ability is a perfect reflection of her mobility; being able to change positioning and move one space after each strike, allows her to press or flee at her leisure. Defensively, Aurelia can always rely on her Evading Block, a very fast block which she can use to retreat from her opponent, denying them offensive options. She can also count on her Negativa to suddenly crouch out of the way; interestingly it can also be used offensively against an unsuspecting aerial opponent, for example. Her Scorpion Kick is a potent anti-air option and its high priority makes it a great finisher option. Aurelia’s signature Helicopter Kick not only floods her opponent with a torrent of attacks, but it also replenishes her player’s hand, and when paired with her Fighter Ability she can move after each twirl of her kick, which gives this action great movement potential. Double Compass Kick, when combined with Aurelia’s mobility, is her answer to a fighter that is running away, as it is able to punish an opponent up to three spaces away. Scissor Takedown is a very fast knockdown that can bring down both a standing and aerial opponent, ideal when you need to get the Initiative back. Nothing would be complete without her mode: Pendulum, giving Chain 1 to all her strike actions that give her movement, exponentially increasing her combo potential, in particular those which allow for position changes between each strike.

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Aurelia’s deck is composed of two techniques from the Fluid style and two techniques from the Soft style. The Fallback and Rush techniques from the Fluid style flow naturally with Aurelia’s harassment combat tricks, by moving her forward, allowing her to strike, and retreating before her opponent can even react. From the Soft style, the Assault technique gives Aurelia the damage output that she needs, while the Denialtechnique is great at keeping her opponent confused and unable to perform their plans.

Aurelia’s only real weakness when using the above techniques is her lack of damage output, as most of her strikes will only do 1 damage reliably. An Aurelia player will also need to be careful with dice and hand management, as she has no support on that front. In order to compensate, a skilled player will need to make good use of high priority cards that allow her to save dice and shift as often as possible to cycle through cards.


Aurelia combo 1

Negativa + Opportune Kick + Backflip Strike: A great example of how to use Negativa to start a combo. Start with Negativa to help guarantee that you win the priority roll (thanks to Priority 7), then follow with Opportune Kick (easily with Chain 2) for 2 damage against a standing target, finish your opponent with Backflip Strike for another 2 damage, and retreat outside of reach two spaces away.

Aurelia combo 2

Frontal Kick + Backflip Strike + Double Kick (with Pendulum): Pendulum makes combos much more economical. This combo can deal up to 4 damage for a 5 dice investment, thanks to two cards gaining another Chain 2. Interestingly, it can be used from 2 spaces away and you can use Aurelia’s ability to also end 1 spaces away, out of reach.

Aurelia combo 3

Break Off + Double Compass Kick: This combo is great to both make some distance against an opponent against the edge of the arena, while still maintaining a high pressure. While crouching use the break-off, with 2 dice (3 if you have pendulum) to get away from your opponent. You break any block and you can then use the Double Compass Kick with 3-4 dice from a safe distance.