Earn Your “Always Super” Backer Pin!

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The Super Dungeon kickstarter begins tomorrow, October 21st at 1:00pm MDT. This Kickstarter is gearing up to be our biggest and most incredible ever with tons of new product and loads of stretch goals for our backers to unlock, and further increase the value of their pledges.

In addition to our normal stretch goals we will also be unlocking one brand new adventure every single day! Most of the adventures are for your Heroes and will be digital downloads for you and your gaming group to enjoy. However, several adventures are up to the backers to accomplish. The community needs to complete the adventure to earn the reward. Once all of the adventures are unlocked, qualifying pledges will receive an incredible 21 FREE rewards just for backing!

The first adventure is an easy one—pledge! Backers who pledge during the campaign for the Explorer, Dark Consul, or Legendary pledges will get an awesome “Always Super” backer pin!


Get your mouse and clicking-finger ready to hit the pledge button, so you don’t miss out on the Super Dungeon event of the year! If you don’t pledge, the Riftling Warrior will be very angry with you. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…


The Super Dungeon kickstarter begins tomorrow, October 21st at 1:00pm MDT.