All-In Pledge Level Now Available on Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures Kickstarter

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Ninja Division Publishing is proud to announce the opening of a new All-In Pledge level for the Starfinder™ Masterclass Miniatures Kickstarter campaign. Backers who choose this new pledge level are ensured to receive one offering of every premium-quality, high detailed resin miniature offered during the campaign.  Many of which are limited edition or Kickstarter exclusives, such as the Seelah the paladin miniature. Already a phenomenal value at $400 for $600 worth of miniatures, the All-In Pledge will only increase in value as more miniatures are unlocked in the campaign.
The All-In Pledge includes one copy of every Hero, Encounter Pack, Creature, and Fleet unlocked during the campaign, including the limited edition and Kickstarter exclusive heroes, and space goblin gang. Items already unlocked include an Encounter Pack of Formian Workers & Warriors (two of each), the mysterious Gray, the clever and quick Ysoki Bounty Hunter, the horrifyingly huge Bloodbrother beast, and the impressive and ferocious Vesk Mercenary. As more miniatures unlock, the value of the All-In Pledge will increase as each new unlocked character adds to the pledge without any increase to the cost of $450. This includes the fleets of ships, other encounter packs of multiple models, and ferocious creatures that still wait to be unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign.
These miniatures, officially licensed by Paizo, the publisher of the popular roleplaying game Starfinder™, are sculpted by the artists of Ninja Division Publishing and will be produced in premium-quality resin. The miniatures come unpainted and represent the many races, ships, and creatures of the mysterious universe of Starfinder™.
Backers of this new line of premium-quality, unpainted resin miniatures have discovered multiple options available to them as they customized their Kickstarter package. The campaign kicked off with two options for fans of Paizo’s new Starfinder™ Roleplaying Game; Adventure and Campaign Pledge levels. Both packages launched with models that will be produced in a limited supply. Legacy Heroes allows fans of the ancient races of Pathfinder™ to continue those races’ adventures in the universe of Starfinder™. Half-orc and dwarf soldiers now pack massive energy weapons of the futuristic galaxy of Starfinder™, while halfling pilots guide the ships in this new roleplaying system. Elf and half-elf operatives search for answers to the mysteries filling the new game system, as well as gnome mystics that bring magic to the world of high technology. Now, with the All-In Pledge level in the Kickstarter campaign, backers won’t have to worry about missing out on any of these amazing new miniatures.