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We’ve always felt we needed more Bosses in Super Dungeon. After all, defeating these monstrosities is the goal in every game of Super Dungeon. We decided it was time to up the Boss count with three brand new Bosses, and what bosses they are!



Unlike most Jotnar, who seek a life of peaceful introspection high upon the Skull White Fastness, Ymnaur’s refuses to accept peace. With the fury of an avalanche, every strike of his frozen axe binds the land in deep frost. His territory is marked by glowing waystones, which freeze any who stray into his lands.


Once a proud Emerald Dragon, Nightsong’s woodland home was devoured by the formation of the Nether Rifts. Cast into the Dark Realm, he refused to die within the accursed realm. Now a twisted mockery of his ancient majesty, Nightsong has crawled from the Rifts, animated by his dread will alone. With him come hordes of undead terrors, once more given life to wreak terror upon the land.


Mordred was the greatest champion of the Bramble Knights. Privy to The Forgotten King’s evil schemes, Mordred gave himself to the Dark Consul long before the chimeric curse transformed his brethren. Now he seeks out champions of Crystalia, challenging them to single combat. Those who fall are “reborn” as ghostflame skulls, a ghastly trophy enslaved to Mordred’s foul purpose.


The Bosses of Legend is our first add-on and includes:

  • Ymnaur Wintersson – Dungeon Boss
  • 6x Waystones – Creeps
  • Nightsong the Eternal – Dungeon Boss
  • 6x Kodeads – Creeps
  • Mordred the Accursed – Dungeon Boss
  • 6x Ghostflame Skulls – Creeps
  • Classic and Arcade Game Cards
  • 36x Explore Cards
  • 18x Treasure Cards

To receive the add-on, increase your pledge by $50. After the campaign, you may specify the Bosses of Legend add-on in the pledge manager.

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