Relic Knights: Knighthood

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Knighthood is the first campaign in the Relic Knights: Darkspace Rising organized play series.

Begin your adventures with all new fiction that picks up where Darkspace Calamity left off.

Then plunge into the action with Knighthood’s growth campaign, designed for players and clubs new to Relic Knights or for veterans looking to strike out with an all new cadre! Players start Knighthood with a small cadre of 25 points. Each week players visit new battlefields and add more points to their cadre, until the final week where 50 point cadres do battle!

Download Knighthood Story

Download Knighthood Rules

Knighthood is part of the Darkspace Rising event series. Participants can earn Knighthood patches to complete their set. Event and patch kits are available at the Soda Pop Store.


Relic Knights is a quick and dynamic tabletop strategy battle game that uses finely detailed 30mm scale miniatures to represent your heroes and villains on the battlefield. Relic Knights uses a card-based system to represent esper—the energy which binds the universe. Choose from six powerful factions, each playing a vital role in the fate of the universe. Their actions will lead to its salvation or herald the destruction of all things.

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