Ninja All-Stars: Clan Tora Madoushi

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All clans possess the mystics known as Madoushi. In some clans they are revered as sages, alchemists and healers. Other clans regard them as witches and tolerate them with barely concealed mistrust and fear. Whether they are revered or reviled, all Madoushi are able to harness the powers native to the lands of their clan. With training, study, and meditation a Madoushi learns to draw from the lines of Ki that race through the landscapes of Kagejima, summoning the very elements to do their bidding.

Ninja All-Stars features fully assembled, high quality miniatures and an exciting community driving, league style of gameplay. Build a team of elite ninja and compete for honor and glory against rival clans.

Coming to Kickstarter from Ninja Division Publishing & Soda Pop Miniatures!