Relic Knights Goes Digital!

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The Relic Knights Companion App is the first application for your mobile devices to add a feature rich support platform to enhance your games of Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity. The Relic Knights Companion App will be available for Apple devices 3/2, and for Android devices 3/3 in online marketplaces.

The Relic Knights Companion App provides players with key utilities to support and enhance gameplay, including: 

  • Complete Dynamic Digital Rulebook: Easy to reference and navigate, quickly explore the most current rules content, gaming diagrams, and other great content in this digital and interactive copy of the Relic Knights rulebook.
  • Cadre Builder and Dashboard Manager: This full featured cadre builder allows you to build and save your favorite cadres for any faction. Using your saved cadres, the Dashboard allows you to completely manage the all aspects of the game including: unit cards, ready queue, damage tracking, boosts, and victory points.
  • Background: Immerse yourself in the first chapter of Relic Knights’ continuing storyline, universe history, detailed faction backgrounds, artwork and unit profiles.
  • Miniatures Gallery: Get lost in pages of beautiful high resolution images of Relic Knights miniatures to inspire your collections and hobby time.

Ninja Division is excited to add the Relic Knights Companion App to its powerful lineup of amazing games and products from studio Soda Pop Miniatures, makers of Super Dungeon: Explore, and Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity, Takoashi University.

Now Available for iPad and iPhone | Coming Soon for Android