DeadFellas: Creator Interview

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Ninja Division’s intrepid John Cadice recently had a burlap sack thrown over his head and was driven to an undisclosed location to interview two of the creators of DeadFellas: Brian Snoddy and Jesper Myrfors. The following transcript was delivered to the Ninja Division offices under a half-eaten pastrami sandwich. John’s whereabouts are still unknown.

John: Gentlemen, it’s been great to be involved with the 2nd edition of DeadFellas, Ninja Division is proud to add it to our lineup of great games.

Brian: Jesper and I are very happy and thankful that Ninja Division was able to pick up our game.

John: DeadFellas has a real tongue-in-cheek take on running with the zombie mafia. Where did the concept for this game and its characters come from?

Jesper: I wanted to do a mafia game and had an Idea for a game called “Whack-a-mook.” I knew Brian loved mafia stuff so I called him and he declines because he was in talks with James Ernest on another mob game. But as things came together James gave Brian his blessing to work on this game and Deadfellas was born. Read More.

There is just one rule in the zombie mafia:

Whack your enemies before they whack you.