Soda Pop Spotlight — Marie Claude

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Over the years, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing have had the opportunity to work with the talented Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. Her stunning costume work and attention to detail bring the worlds of Soda Pop Miniatures to vivid life. We recently had the opportunity to have a Question and Answer session with Marie-Claude about her work for Soda Pop Miniatures.

Soda Pop: Working with Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing has clearly not been your first work in costume design, modelling and promotion.  How would you describe your career and experience, and how did you get your start?

Marie-Claude: After finishing my fashion design studies, I gained experience in clothing and costume making for the following 15 years.  I got ‘discovered’ by sheer luck and became a model, got published, got noticed by companies and moved further.  I did a little acting and got involved in bigger and bigger projects.  Everything combined together naturally and brought me in front of the media, so I could do some TV work, where I got recognition for my technical expertise from various newspapers and event organizers. I also started my own company 5 years ago.

I would not say that I got involved in a lot of promoting, though.  I mainly collaborate on projects I believe are interesting and can help me grow.  Basically, if you see me at a booth or joining forces with a company, it’s because I honestly believe in what that company is doing.  I’m not a mercenary that you can hire, but rather a team player, so I tag along with the people I collaborate with and make their goal mine. Read More.


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