Relic Knights—The Calamity Comes!

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Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing are happy to announce the retail launch of the miniature skirmish game, Relic Knights. Funded by one of the most successful tabletop Kickstarters ever, Relic Knights brings to life the bright and stylish world of anime as never before! Fulfillment of the Relic Knights Kickstarter is already underway to backers. To ensure backers have received their product, the first and second retail waves of Relic Knights have been condensed into a single release window of epic proportions!

Relic Knights wave one will be available with your favorite retailers on Thursday, July 10th. Featuring a lavish, 272 page, hardback rulebook, six faction starters, centerpiece Relic Knight models, and an ongoing selection of minion and unique models to fill out your cadres; now is the time to build your forces and defend the Last Galaxy against the encroaching Darkspace Calamity!

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