Announcing Forgotten King

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Soda Pop Miniatures announces the March launch of an important Kickstarter to support and bring to life the next edition of Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King. This companion edition of Super Dungeon Explore uncovers a whole new realm of adventure with new rules, new tiles and gameplay components. Featuring fully assembled and beautifully sculpted miniatures from the Soda Pop Team.


  • All models come FULLY ASSEMBLED  in the box.
  • New and exciting interactive dungeon tiles bring new dimension to gameplay.
  • Streamlined rules get rid of the Adventure Tracker to keep the action on the table top.
  • New unit types: Pets, Creeps, Traps.
  • New Princess Coins keeps Heroes in the game battling evil.
  • Go deeper into the world of Crystalia with colorful illustrations and background.
  • Spawn more mini-bosses creating deadlier fights.
  • Built for easier expansion for future gameplay modes such as PvP Arena and campaign play.

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