2nd Annual Golden Kobold Painting Competition at Gen Con 2018!

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Ninja Division Publishing will be hosting the 2nd Annual Golden Kobold Chibi Miniatures Painting Contest at Gen Con 2018, August 2 - 5! Launched in 2017, this painting contest brought out the immense talents of chibi painters throughout the world at Gen Con 2017. Competitors will once again be vying for the coveted Brush Kobold Trophy in multiple categories, with the stunning Candy’s Soda Sword being awarded to the Best in Show.

This year’s categories include; Single Miniature-Small, Single Miniature-Large, Judges Category, Diorama Category, and Juniors Category for those master painters age 12 and under. Awards will be given for first, second, and third place in each category along with prizes from the contest sponsors. Any chibi-style miniature is eligible for the contest, not just Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures chibi models. As stated in the rules, “Definition of CHIBI for the purposes of this contest - CHIBI is a Japanese slang word meaning "short person" or "small person" - it originally derived from "Chitchanabito" or "Chitchana no Hito" In this contest, it refers to an entire sub-genre of miniatures and models used in gaming, for collecting, and painting.  CHIBI miniatures are usually small in stature, deforming key proportions to a comic-like/truncated anatomy. This can include mechanical objects, monsters, and characters to name a few. If for any reason the "CHIBI" qualifier is called into question by a judge or receiving staff on the contest, a final decision will be made as to whether it can be entered to be qualified for awards by the ranking judge upon time of submission.”

Last year’s winners, and all entries, were wonderful examples of the miniature painter’s art. Last year’s winner of Best in Show (seen below being awarded the Candy’s Soda Sword from model and cosplayer extraordinaire, Marie Claude Bourbonnais) was Ian Markon and his entry of “Colonel Clayton” was a display of high level sophistication and hard work. The beard alone had six different layers of coloring, shading, and highlighting. His submission took First Place in the Single Miniature-Small category and earned him Best in Show from the judges.

The outstanding submission of so many high-quality entries were quite the challenge for the four judges, all experts in the field of miniature painting and they are all looking forward to seeing an even better selection of entries in the 2nd Annual Golden Kobold Chibi Miniature Painting Contest this year at Gen Con in Indianapolis. This year the judges return, including: Mark Maxey, an award-winning miniature enthusiast with more than twenty years painting miniatures, who has worked with multiple gaming companies, and Elizabeth Beckley, a professional painter of miniatures working with companies such as Kingdom Death and CoolMiniOrNot. Both Mark and Elizabeth found their passion for chibi-style miniatures with Ninja Division’s and Soda Pop Miniatures’ release of their flagship game, Super Dungeon Explore. Other judges returning are Drew Drescher, an avid painter of miniatures since the age of ten, who teaches painting at his local hobby store as well as operating his own painting studio for private collectors and companies, and Scott Ferguson, who has been painting miniatures since childhood as well after discovering role playing games and the figures that accompany them.


This contest is open to all badge-wearing attendees of Gen Con 2018 August 2-5 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Find all the rules HERE!