D'Shaun is the Ultimate Close Combat Specialist for Way of the Fighter

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D’Shaun is the ultimate close combat specialist and rivals Alberdus for the biggest damage dealer of the game. With a great combination of quick and powerful moves, he can also adapt his own fighting style to his opponent. It all starts with D’Shaun’s Fighter Ability: forgo the usual command and the ability to combo in order to give his first attack increased damage; this can be used to make both slow and fast attacks even stronger. D’Shaun lack projectile attacks, so Stellar Strike somewhat compensates for D’Shaun’s lack of range and can surprise his target from a distance of four spaces away. Solar Kick is amazing when used on an opponent that is trying to escape, and has the Energize keyword to set you up with plenty of dice for his following turn. Meteor Punch is a straightforward, brutal, and fast attack that can be used attack opponents in the same space and lockdown with the Knockdown keyword. Hammer Kick is guaranteed to hit an opponent that is two or less spaces away, as long as it isn’t cancelled. Use it against a crouching opponent to hit them twice. Temple Atemi is one of the best combo openers of the game, with good damage, priority, and Chain against a poorly placed opponent. Taijutsu Mastery greatly eases his dice management by energizing dice on damage. Finally, Aggressive Block, allows D’Shaun to have some board control when defending by pushing his opponent into a corner while staying in lethal distance to apply pressure.

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The Brawl technique from the Hard style and Precise technique from the Soft style are both very flexible close range techniques and become terrifying with D’Shaun’s command , making the former deal high damage and the latter medium damage. The Assault technique from the Soft style gives D’Shaun block-breaking abilities. The Knockdown technique from the Hard style is key to D’Shaun’s playstyle, which needs the initiative in order to surprise his opponent. D’Shaun is powerful and fast, but he suffers from the predictability of his actions and most importantly, his lack of range. A D’Shaun player will have to balance two approaches: he must block carefully and bide his time, or go on the offensive and keep the pressure on; retreating is not an option for this soldier!


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Aggressive Step + Hammer Kick: This is a great pressure combo that quickly backs an opponent up to an edge space on the arena track.
Play Aggressive Step first. Then move one space forward to get into Hammer Kick’s range. Chain lets you recover one of the core dice used on Aggressive Step to help fuel Hammer Kick or just keep your active pool stocked. Once you combo into Hammer Kick, Aggressive Step’s combo bonus triggers increasing Hammer Kick’s damage to 2, pushing the opponent back two spaces and letting D’Shaun advance two spaces. I f the opponent is crouching after delivering the first blow, Hammer Kick’s Repeat 1 keyword kicks in (pardon the pun) and lets you do it again!

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Triple Punch + Stellar Strike: This is a slow combo, but it can be great against a blocking opponent, or as a brutal assault against an opponent who has not conserved their dice for the late game.
Triple punch starts off the combo, by hitting the opponent three times thanks to Repeat 2, which can soften an opponent’s block. Follow up the Aggressive Step with Stellar Strike and dump as many power dice as you can spare for enormous damage and Knockdown!

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Sudden Step + Temple Atemi + Plexus Strike + Hard Punch: Don’t let this insane 4-card combo intimidate you. Thanks to some high Chain values it can be pulled off with surprisingly few dice.

Start with Sudden Step to get into range for Temple Atemi. Return two of the dice on Sudden Step to help fuel Temple Atemi. D’Shaun’s positioning is key, because you want Temple Atemi to hit the opponent in a location that activates its special ability. When you do, you will deal two damage and then return two dice to your pool.

Follow with Plexus Strike. Plexus Strike then deals another two damage and returns two dice to use with Heavy Punch. Heavy Punch furthers the punishment with an additional two damage, and thanks to Plexus Strike, also knocks down the opponent. Six damage plus Knockdown! Yes, please!