El Falcon lives for the glory of the ring! Tactics and Combos are key!

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El Falcon lives for the glory of the ring. Perched high like his namesake, he waits patiently to fall down on his helpless prey. Like Aurelia, El Falcon is a mobile fighter, but where she harasses her opponent, he grabs them in his crushing moves that will keep his opponent knocked down groaning in pain without the initiative. El Falcon’s ability is as simple as it is terrifying, especially while he has the initiative at his disposal, making all grab actions usable while he is jumping, removing the main flaws of grabs: the lack of range. His Swift Block allows him to trap his opponent by forcing them to stay close, preparing a counter in the next turn. El Falcon’s signature mode, Lucha Libre, makes him even more deadly with a damage bonus when jumping, a position that he will often be in. His only strike, El Plancha, benefits greatly from it, and it is a great for getting the drop on an unsuspecting opponent. Super Luchar is the best grab opener and when linked with another powered grab, can result in one of the most damaging combos in the game. Hurricane Rana is a strong grab with a decent priority on jumps, but a great priority if played in a combo with move an action such as Tomar Vuelo; a move action which provides great mobility and is almost an unmissable combo with Hurricane Rana. Finally, Furia Cyclonica is a unique grab with the Repeat keyword, it is a guaranteed damage output and will put high pressure on the opponent by forcing them to play on the edge of the Arena Track.

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The Aerial technique from the Fluid style and Presstechnique from the Wrestle style make for great cornerstones to El Falcon’s gameplay. These techniques allow him to take full advantage of his character ability and mode. The Velocity technique from the Fluid style improves his ground game with a particular mention for Momentum (which gives your move actions Follow-Up Damage Bonus 1) when combined with Lucha Libremakes for high damaging attacks. The Throw technique from the Wrestle style also plays well in his knockdown game and makes it almost impossible for your opponent to depend on modes remaining in play for longer than a turn of two. Overall, El Falcon is not a high-priority fighter and relies heavily on modes being in play to boost his actions, his aerial options makes him a constant threat but also a fairly predictable target. To defeat him you need to prevent him from setting up his modes and apply constant pressure to deny his mobility.


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Tomar Vuelo + Bombshell Punch: Attack from a distance while crouching or standing by jumping forward 3 spaces. Then deliver a 3 damage punch from overhead. The Chain 2 effect on Tomar Vuelo should insure that the punch is successful. Add the Lightweight mode action ( which gives all actions performed while in the air Chain 1) and/or Lucha Libre mode action (which gives all actions performed while in the air Damage Bonus 1) and you almost have an unmissable and very brutal combo.

el falcon combo2

Super Luchar + Furia Cyclonica: A nice compact combo. Use Super Luchar as a setup grapple that doesn’t knockdown your opponent. Use power dice to help pump up its low priority, since you can get them back with the Chain 2 effect. Follow up by rolling 4 power dice with your most damaging grab action, Furia Ciclonica, for a combo that deals 6 damage!

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High Jump + Stomping Kick + Hurricane Rana: While you have the initiative, remain crouching or standing up to 3 to 4 spaces away and use it to Jump before revealing the High Jump action. Then advance 2 spaces forward, and follow up with a Stomping Kick which has an extended reach. If you land in front of your opponent, finish the combo with Hurricane Rana with a base priority of 6. With just 2 to 3 core dice, you just dealt 4 damage and knocked down your unsuspecting adversary. This combo works best against an opponent that thought they could recover dice with a Kneel command from a “safe” distance.