Way of the Fighter Tactics and Combos for Severina

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Severina main shot

Severina is one of the most eccentric combatants in Way of the Fighter. As a powerful psychic grappler, her fighting style’s primary strength centers on control. Her character card’s ability grants telepathy to her player, allowing them to see what cards their opponent holds. As one can expect, it is very difficult to fight against a player who is armed with this knowledge. If telepathy weren’t enough, most of her actions have other ways to control her opponent. Psychic Cage, is an aerial blast action that can cover a long distance very quickly and automatically dazes a fighter hit by it. Most of her actions also have the added effect of discarding cards from her opponent’s hand with the Trash keyword. The following actions are all attacks that force an opponent to trash cards: Psionic Slash is a straightforward powerful strike, Telepathic Touch is a great combo opener, and Mental Domination is a grab that can force an opponent to discard half of the cards from their hand. Her Psychic Block doesn’t prevent much damage, but it can disrupt the opponent by further forcing them to trash even more cards from their hand. Her mode, Fatal Attraction, both limits her opponent’s movement, and forces them to discard cards at random from their hand when they are affected by the Trash keyword. Players that love hand denial strategies and removing hidden information are going to love playing as Severina.

Severina card fan

Severina is a combo grappler. This means she uses actions from the Soft and Wrestle styles to open up her opponent’s defense and then end with powerful grabs. This is best represented when her deck consist of actions from the Soft style’s Combo technique and the Wrestle style’s Grapple technique. The Denial technique from the Soft style plays well with Severina’s denial game and grants some mobility while the Presstechnique from the Wrestle style provides some needed damage output and anti-air attacks.



Severina combo 1


Telepathic Touch + Compounded Strike: This combo begins with a Telepathic Touch; a high priority attack that also forces the opponent to discard 2 cards from their hand. It does zero damage, but it has Chain 1 and any follow-up actions gain Damage Bonus 1. Actions that gain further damage bonuses in combos, such as Compounded Strike, are perfect follow-up actions to play after Telepathic Touch. For this example, Compounded Strike’s damage is increased by 3 with the aid of Telepathic Touch.

Severina Combo 2

Forward Lunge + Mental Domination: Use this combo when when you know that your opponent has a good hand, and you have a few power dice at your disposal. Mental Domination will only deal two damage, but it will also empty your opponent’s hand and throw their plan into complete disarray.

Severina combo 3

Quick Grip + Psionic Slash: From a single space away, you can dash forward and break your opponent’s block, you can very easily follow-up with the powerful Psionic Slash to deal three damage and forcing the opponent to discard three cards. This combo takes a maximum of 4-5 dice, which is quite cost efficient considering the result.