Relic Knights: Void Break Coming in November 2016

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For three cycles, paladins of the Shattered Sword have fought to stop the growing incursion of Harbonath’s maleacch army. Led by Jeanne Romee, it is a war of attrition they cannot hope to win alone, yet cannot afford to lose. Black Diamond’s assault upon Catermane Academy has spread across Doctrine space, as Magnus plunders the Doctrine libraries for their precious knowledge. Across the galaxy, Mamaro To’s Dragon Fleet blockades Cerci Prime, his sarva scouts scouring the pleasure planet for the location of Cordelia. Emerging from the shadows, Jenner, black paladin of the Ossyrian Order, bands with corsairs to smuggle the artifact known only as Heaven’s Discord from Origin Point. The artifact’s true purpose and Jenner’s own motivations are unknown. What is known is that Ameliel, Herald of the Void, seeks its recovery above all, and that stopping her may determine the fate of the Last Galaxy once and for all!

Relic Knights returns to your tabletop with a 2-player starter set, Void Break, and new rulebook, Ascension; featuring a revised, second edition ruleset, advancement of the Last Galaxy’s storyline against the Darkspace Calamity, and even more stunning resin models. Over the coming weeks, Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures will be previewing the exciting next chapter in the Relic Knights saga. Prepare yourself to answer the call and fight for the fate of the Last Galaxy!