Relic Knights 1.5 Update

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Greetings Knights!

We have an updated version of the 1.5 Relic Knights rules for you to download and use in your games. From feedback turned in by you, the players, we found some things that needed fixing and changed them so that they don’t continue to be problems.

We changed Guard so that After Action Effects don’t resolve for the attacker when a Guard is used. This allows guards to be used to curtail some effects even if some amount of damage is always taken.

We edited Redirect for clarity in relation to the order of operations as well as editing the order of operations for clarity and accuracy. We also edited the deployment section to make it so that boosts would no longer block enemy units from deploying within 9” of them.

These are fairly minor changes but it is important to address all of the issues that we can find in this period to polish up these rules and make the game the best it can be for the future!

Thanks for tuning in and have a great weekend! We hope to see many of you at Gen Con next week!

Get the download here: Relic Knights 1.5

Go here to turn in feedback on your games of 1.5 Relic Knights: