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July’s releases are now available in the Soda Pop Store!


Super Ninja Ambush! is a deluxe crossover warband that is playable in games of Super Dungeon and Ninja All-Stars. Featuring three ronin useable as Super Dungeon Heroes, four Elemental Shrine spawning points, eighteen ninja, and two monstrous oni mini-bosses, Super Ninja Ambush! expands player options with exciting ninja adventure like no other!



12 Realms is a fast and light-hearted cooperative game for 1 to 6 players. Playing as fantastical fairytale heroes, players must band together to stop the Lords of Darkness from pillaging the 12 Realms. Each hero is realized as a fun and characterful miniature game piece, while gorgeous fairytale art brings the unique monsters and Lords of Darkness to life. Travel through enchanted realms of myth and legend to battle the minions of the Lords of Darkness and reclaim powerful artifacts to stop their reign of terror once and for all!


Ninja All-Stars


At age 14, Yamazaru Clan Hero Mizaru lost his sight due to a witch’s curse. His story might have ended there except that he refused to become bitter. He, instead, focused his anger into overcoming the setbacks his injury initially posed. Honing his senses until he could navigate trails by the sway and sound of his scabbard, identify others by scent, and track any movement by the slightest noise,Mizaru eventually became captain of the Yamazaru’s famed scouts.



Schooled since birth in the ancient, esoteric arcana of her family, the Moon Princess sometimes tires of merely watching the Moonlight Tournament. She often desires to use her own strange and terrible power against the warriors competing to do her honor. Yet, competing in the tournament exposes her to threats, assassination attempts, and even death. In truth, though, these dangers are part of what makes these outings so appealing to her.




Bakusho Mondai is a gregarious and boisterous master of matsuri. He is also the master of festivals and celebrations, and he makes a point of attending the Moonlight Tournament every year. For the right price, he is eager to join the competitions and lend his dance-kata and fireworks, exquisitely choreographed to the thumping rhythm of taiko drums.



As a mortal, Onibaba would lure stragglers from battles into her traps, finish them off, and sell their possessions. One night, however, she pulled a finely crafted mask from a dark and terrible samurai, and slipped it on over her face. In that instant, the dark power from within the mask touched the festering rot in her soul and consumer her. Soon the mortal hag was gone, replaced by an ageless, devouring horror that has stalked Kagejima’s places of slaughter ever since.



Marked by the great wicker baskets that cover their heads, and heralded by the haunting sounds of their shakuhachi flutes, Komuso monks bring a calm aura and share wise words wherever they go. Where the basest of men fight for money, Komuso accept only food or supplies. Unburdened by material possessions, they often demand favors, prayers, or offerings at certain shrines from those who seek their assistance.



For years, Musashi has wandered Kagejima, studying, debating, and fighting with masters from every school he could find. After some years, he found that he no longer sought to master the sword; he sought, instead, to master himself. Since the tool no longer mattered, he abandoned his weapon for a pair of mighty oars. Now he travels on, searching for himself, and refining the art of the wooden blades.


Relic Knights


The Field Medic is a finely detailed resin model for the Black Diamond faction in Relic Knights. When friendlies are wounded, the Field Medic answers the call with powerful healing abilities that restore and sustain the life of the cadre. As a superior supportive addition to world of Relic Knights, the Field Medic allows Black Diamond cadres to sustain massive damage and continue fighting without worry.



The Catalogue is a finely detailed resin model for the Doctrine faction in Relic Knights. Forged in esper-imbued stone and outfitted with a thunderous blaster, the Catalogue is an impressive alchemic wonder of mecha might. Specializing in powerful ranged attacks that harness esper without damaging them, the Catalogue challenges any and all who stand in the way of the calculated and clever codifers of the Doctrine.