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Clan Yamazaru and Clan Tanchyo; Alien Facehuggers, Predator Young Bloods, USCM Sentry Guns; Dan D. Starship and Void Witch are all available now in the Soda Pop Store!


Clan Yamazaru are powerful, yet playful warriors that employ a diverse array of weapons and tactics in their quest for the Moon Throne. Capable of enduring great feats of strength, Clan Yamazaru are resilient, nimble and composed, much like the great earth they champion. This earth affinity clan is an enticing option for lovers of practical jokes, fierce monkey warriors, and burying their enemies in the dust of the defeat!


Clan Yamazaru are the agile, almost ethereal warriors of the great forests of Kagejima. Masters of air, Clan Tanchyo favor bows and arrows to launch powerful, precise ranged attacks that rain down on all who stand in their way. This air affinity clan is an alluring option for archers who employ the bow with artistry, powerful avian warriors, and the clamor and calm that only the wind can bring.


Vile and vicious, Alien Facehuggers are stealthy stalkers on a solitary mission: implant Chestbursters within hosts to expand the Xenomorph forces.


Predator Young Bloods differ from their Hunter counterparts, employing menacing melee attacks that devastate any who cross their path.


Fully automated and effortlessly efficient, USCM Sentry Guns are a solid staple of the Colonial Marine forces that shoot anything on sight and help spare human lives.


Dan D. Starship is a eccentric and electric popstar who is always accompanied by his dynamic chee backup singers: Pepper and Pixel.


Mysterious and powerful, Void Witch is a stealthy and subdued minion capable of scathing attacks and status ailments.

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