Final 48 Hours for Rail Raiders Infinite Kickstarter!

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The Rail Raiders Infinite Kickstarter has had an incredible 14 days raising over $200,000 on just a $50 pledge! The Kickstarter is heading into the final 48 hours and has unlocked a staggering amount of free stuff!

Check out everything a $50 pledge gets you!

(And we still have more to unlock!)


We’ve got also revealed all of the  stretch goals. Help us unlock them before this train reaches the station!


“Citizen, your bodily functions have ceased operation. Initiating respectful disposal protocols. Your registered next of kin have been billed.”


“Love and peace!”

…and guns.



The Pallbearers get a new pose.


No Raider worth their double-dollars shares their dice. Hoard all the dice for yourself! But a Raider’s life isn’t all heists, sometimes a nice game of dice is required to unwind. In addition to the dice, backers will receive a print copy of Huckleberry’s Riverboat Roll dice game. This dice game of wagers, bluffs, and strategy uses both your Rail Raiders Infinite dice and your plastic double-dollar tokens. Don’t just read about the favorite dice game of Raiders throughout the outer rim, play it too!


“You’re no good to me dead.”


This dealer chip is a special gift to backers as a thank you for supporting Rail Raiders Infinite and making this Kickstarter an incredible success!

Just 48 hours left. Back now, Space Cowboy!