April Releases Available Now!

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April’s releases are now available in the Soda Pop Store. 4 new Ronin are ready to fight for any Ninja All-Stars team, pirates invade the kingdoms of DrunkQuest, and all-new finely detailed Relic Knights resins are ready to join your games!


DrunkQuest: The 90 Proof Seas is a pirate-themed expansion to the smash hit DrunkQuest. In The 90 Proof Seas players gain control of their own ship, complete with cannons whose devastating broadsides cause opponents to take additional drinks. Featuring 100 new nautical-themed cards The 90 Proof Seas is an essential companion to your DrunkQuest adventures!


Momotaro’s powerful attack and defense abilities make him a powerful addition to any Ninja All-Stars team. When facing Clan Kitsune or Clan Ijin, his Spirit Hunter ability makes him even more powerful, and a natural favorite for players whose opponents regularly field those teams.


Yagyu Jubei is one of the most potent combat focused ronin in Ninja All-Stars. The character of Yagyu Jubei is famous throughout the world. This historical samurai’s exploits have been immortalized in film, novels, anime, and manga. Yagyu Jubei’s popularity and powerful abilities are sure to make him a favorite ronin to recruit!


Mochizuki is a potent ranged threat, able to lay down an uncommon amount of fire for a single model. Mochizuki provides excellent benefit to teams lacking long range firepower or as an answer to opponents with uncommonly fast, and difficult to pin down, ninja.


Benkei is focused on defense, and can be one of the most difficult models in the game to overcome. Players whose teams need a boost in durability, or require a central linchpin to rally around are well served by adding Benkei to their team.


Getting hold of military-grade mecha is a challenging proposition in the Star Nebula. But, some mechanics with a flair for improvisation are able to scour the countless battlefields across the galaxy and bring us this: the Rustbucket.

Heavy lifting, whether in cargo holds or in battle, are the Rustbucket’s specialty.


Preaching madness and fury wherever he goes, the Har Ancient sows terror and madness throughout the Last Galaxy. The Har Ancient is a unique squad, allowing Noh Empire players to field one Har Ancient and his two ghostly lanterns per cadre.


Jenner the Seeker is a black paladin of the Ossyrian Order, a rogue sect of the Six Peers paladin orders who chose to combat the Darkspace Calamity through unorthodox and dangerous means.

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