Relic Knights April preview

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Check out some concept art for April’s Relic Knights releases: the Noh Empire gains the Har Ancient, and the Star Nebula Corsairs welcome Jenner the Seeker and the mighty Rustbucket!


Getting hold of military-grade mecha is a challenging proposition in the Star Nebula. But, some mechanics with a flair for improvisation are able to scour the countless battlefields across the galaxy and bring us this: the Rustbucket.

Heavy lifting, whether in cargo holds or in battle, are the Rustbucket’s specialty.


Har Ancient is an honorific bestowed upon the highest ranking members of the Nozuki priesthood within Dragon Fleet Har. Preaching madness and fury wherever he goes, the Har Ancient sows terror and madness throughout the Last Galaxy.


Jenner the Seeker is a black paladin of the Ossyrian Order, a rogue sect of the Six Peers paladin orders who chose to combat the Darkspace Calamity through unorthodox and dangerous means.

More to come on these awesome additions. Until then, all the new Relic Knights resins are available direct from the Soda Pop Store!