Rail Raiders Infinite Kickstarter begins April 4th!

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Ninja Division Publishing and Soda Pop Miniatures are excited to announce the upcoming Kickstarter forRail Raiders Infinite, beginning April 4th! Rail Raiders Infinite is a chibi sci-fi western board game for 2 to 4 players. Raid the Interstellar Express space-rail to earn loot, infamy, and the ire of the Galactic Central Bank. In order to loot the train you’ll need to first dispose of the meddlesome Tinstar Lawbots, who will do everything in their power to stop your heist. Team up with other Raiders, or do what bandits do best, double-crossing them when their chips are down. Anything goes when you’re out to make a big score!


In Rail Raiders Infinite players assume control of a bandit raiding the Interstellar Express space-rail. Raiders move from car to car searching for loot. The player who gets the biggest haul of double-dollars before the train makes it to the station wins the game. Combat and other actions are determined by rolling a “hand” of five or more custom poker dice. The player who scores the highest hand wins the roll.

Rail Raiders Infinite features multiple unique Raiders and three unique Tinstar Lawbot models—marshall, sheriff, and deputy—all sculpted in Soda Pop Miniatures incredible chibi style. The Rail Raiders Infinite Kickstarter launches Monday, April 4th at 2:00 pm EDT. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hop on the space-rail and take a ride through the galaxy. See you there, Space Cowboy!