March Releases Available Now!

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March’s releases are now available in the Soda Pop Store. New Clans and Heroes for Ninja All-Stars, moreAliens, more PredatorsLuchador! The destruction of Tokyo! DrunkQuest! Phew!

First up, new games in the Soda Pop Store:


DrunkQuest makes its debut, and glorious return to retail! The Warehouse Ninjas have been busy sending DrunkQuest all over the country; check your local hobby shop, or pick it up direct from the Soda Pop Store.


We’re also proud to bring you Crisis Tokyo from Edge Entertainment! Battle your best fiends [sic] for total dominance over the great city of Tokyo. Epic Monsters! Giant Robots! Hapless Heroes! Cop Two Days From Retirement! What else could you ask for?


Luchador! from Backspindle games is a fast and kinetic dice matching game that comes with its own wrestling ring. Easy to pick up, and a great reason to bust out your wrestling voice…Oh Yeah!


Expand your games of Alien vs Predator with Alien StalkersPredators, and the Weyland-Yutani Commandos.


Take to the sea with Clan Ika, and gain mastery over the element of Water.

Joining them is Mizuchi, a powerful Hero renowned by the Ika.


Clan Tora is mighty and proud like Tiger. Join them, and gain mastery of the element of Fire.

Ryu came from humble beginnings, but is now a Hero of Tora.


Hanzo is ready to join any team…for a price. The first Ronin for Ninja All-Stars adds variety and new abilities to all your games.

He’s also featured in the first organized league for Ninja All-Stars. Follow his journey to master both Water andFire, in pursuit of the legendary weaponsmith Korehira Kunimasa. Ask about the league at your local hobby shop!

And keep your eyes peeled for Rail Raiders Infinite, coming to Kickstarter April 4th!