The Castellan is now available!

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The Peers developed the Castellan as a vacuum-capable, armored exoskeleton for use as a space-based assault mecha, specifically for boarding actions. The soldiers chosen to drive these machines are bold–often to the point of recklessness–and thoroughly schooled in the use of shock tactics, fully utilizing the awe their mecha inspires.

As a vanguard element, the Castellan is a common and fearsome sight, breaking the hulls of ships and storming through defenders like a raging giant.

Rivaling a Relic Knight in sheer presence, this 100% resin model possesses absolutely stunning detail. Add this potent and capable mecha to your Shattered Sword cadre to bring an intimidating centerpiece to your games of Relic Knights!

Product Information:

  • Order Code: SPM142007
  • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
  • MSRP: $84.95 USD
  • Model Materials: Resin
  • Packaging: Box


  • Castellan – Shattered Sword Unique Model
  • Tracker and Reference Cards
  • 80mm Base