Relic Knights: Path to Ascension

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Tomorrow marks the long overdue release of the Shattered Sword Castellan. The Castellan is the first model in a line of all new releases for Relic Knights. Rivaling a Relic Knight in sheer presence, this 100% resin model is a massive centerpiece and possesses absolutely stunning detail. If you’re a fan of Relic Knights, you’re no doubt asking, “why did the Castellan take so long?” and “What is next for Relic Knights?”


Publicly, we’ve been very quiet about Relic Knights. (Some might say too quiet) However, behind the scenes we’ve been working feverishly. Relic Knights was Soda Pop Miniatures first line of models, and it carries a very special place in the design studio’s heart. When Relic Knights moved to be published under the Ninja Division Publishing brand, Soda Pop was determined to breathe new life into Relic Knight’s insane, over-the-top anime aesthetic. Achieving that vision meant ensuring each model captured the art perfectly, and was a delight to collect and paint.


Relic Knights began life as a hybrid resin/metal line of miniatures and then shifted to plastic. As Ninja Division took over publishing, the intent was to stick with plastic to finish out the models for Darkspace Calamity. We were determined to refine the process and bring the models to the high quality we demanded. Molds and production samples were made for almost the entire line of remaining Darkspace Calamity models: Asger Faust, Master Wu, Viper, Anthony, and the Rustbucket. Over several months Ninja Division and Soda Pop tweaked, examined, adjusted, and examined again. Concurrently, we began creating our resin 2015 GenCon releases: questing knight versions of Princess Malya,Sebastian Cross, and Calico Kate. When we received the first production samples of these resin models our path forward for Relic Knights became clear.


Relic Knights demanded a return to resin. Relic Knights began its life as a premium collector’s experience for hobby enthusiasts and that is where it belongs. Months of work towards the new plastics was jettisoned. We began preparing the remaining Darkspace Calamity models, as well as our future expansion models, for resin production. The human-sized models were quickly realized, while large models such as the Castellan and Rustbucket required significantly more work. The decision was made to move the release of these two epic models to lead the Relic Knight’s resurgence.



First up, it’s time to finish the Darkspace Calamity units. The Castellan will be available for purchase tomorrow, February 24th. Next month, the Rustbucket stomps its way into your Star Nebula Corsair cadres. In April, we begin the release of all-new Relic Knights models. Jenner the Seeker, a black paladin of the Ossyrian Order, further reinforces the corsairs. Releasing alongside Jenner is the Noh Empire Har Ancient, a member of an insane sect of Nozuki’s prophets. Following these two models will be brand-new units for all six factions, as well as expanded Radiant and Void options who can reinforce any cadre.


These releases are only the beginning for Relic Knights. This spring we will release a downloadable version of Relic Knights v1.5 ruleset, leading up to the release of the Void Break two-player starter set, and the Ascension expansion. Both of these products will include print versions of the 1.5 ruleset as well.

Relic Knights may have been quiet, but the Darkspace Calamity never stops. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue revealing the exciting plans we have for Relic Knights. If you are a veteran, now is the time to break out those cadres and start getting them prepared for battle. If you have never played Relic Knights, now is the perfect time to pick a side and begin your collection. Relic Knights is back and the universe will never be the same!