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Check out this month’s amazing AvP minis from Prodos Games! The highly detailed resin models will make a beautiful and fearsome addition to your games of Alien v Predator: The Hunt Begins.

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The Crusher caste was encountered on Acheron (LV-426). It still remains a mystery to USCM. No obvious host of Origin can be determined, originally presumed to be an Adolescent Queen this theory was quickly dismissed.

The Crushers large head crest, which at this time is believed to be bulletproof. It becomes the prime weapon of choice, charging its prey to inflict massive blunt force trauma.


The warrior is the primary assault caste of the Xenomorph species. Spawned from human hosts, much like their drone counterparts, a warrior’s prime role is to secure fresh hosts for their siblings and neutralize the threats to the hive.

They have the strength to rip through steel bulkheads and the durability to take several pulse rifle hits before falling to their wounds.


The Hellhounds are a canine-like species domesticated by the Predators for use in hunting. Much like The bloodhounds of Earth they are used to chase down prey, allowing a swifter, more effective hunt to be executed.

The Predators have also been known to release Hellhounds to cause panic and thin the ranks of their opponents during battle.


Hostile, deadly, and numerous.


Even the Queen needs bodyguards. These Xenomorphs are the strongest and most fierce of all the castes.


Combining firepower with expert training, there is nothing they can’t handle.