Soda Pop Returns!

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It's been a long wait but Soda Pop Miniatures new website is here. We have a lot of great content we're planning on bringing you as we grow into the site, but first lets explore some of the new features.

Soda Pop Logo   
Taste the Soda
No matter where you are on the Soda Pop page, all you have to do to get back to the home page is click on the trusty Soda Pop logo.
 Game Selector  
Game Selector
The game selector button is your gateway the Soda Pop games you enjoy. With future updates we will expand the offering in these pages with hobby content, game tips, and more!
Join Up
Use the Login in button to register your account with Soda Pop Miniatures. You will need an account to make orders and to participate in upcoming web features. Note that if you want to join the Community Forums you will be required to make a 2nd separate Forum account.
Mix and Mingle
Join our Community Forums to converse with your fellow fans, post your own hobby content, and ask your rules questions.
Shop Til You Drop
The Soda Pop Store is the best place to get your favorite Soda Pop games and products, including exclusives and special edition miniatures.
Sweeten Your Desktop
The Media Page is your place to find wallpapers, avatars, downloads and more. Make your computing experience a Soda Pop one, or catch up on the latest rules and errata.
Share the Soda
Nobody likes a Soda-Hog so share your favorite Soda Pop articles with your friends.


Spotlight Your Content
We love our fans! We're constantly watching our our community forums for awesome fan creations. When we see something extra special we'll promote it to the front page so everyone can bask in your glow.


Don't have a twitter or facebook account, but want to know what we're saying anyway? @Sodapopminiatures is a direct feed of our twitter account and facebook content. Get all your entire Soda Pop fix right from the homepage.

This is just a short tour of our new site. We encourage you to poke around and discover everything we have to offer for yourself. As we add content the site will continue to grow. We aim for the new improved to be nothing less than your one stop location for all your Soda Pop needs.

If you have comments, suggestions, or even find something that isn't working quite like it should, send an e-mail to our webmaster