Building a Guild

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You’re ready to play Super Dungeon Legends. You’re super excited to advance your Heroes and tell their stories. Except you have a problem. The Heroes of Crystalia are vast and varied, with more coming, and you can’t decide between your Glimmerdusk Ranger, Ezybeth Goldenbow, or your Hearthsworn Fighter, Dugual Drinkstoomuch. It wouldn’t be a big deal if your friends weren’t in a similar quandary of Hero uncertainty. Unfortunately, between the five of you ten Heroes is just a bit much for a “party.”


Don’t despair. It’s Guild Time!

In Super Dungeon Legends, Heroes can purchase a Guild License from the crown and establish their own Guild of Heroes. Guilds allow each player within the party to have up to three Heroes, which they can chose from for each adventure, while allowing all the Heroes of the guild to advance. A party may share items and treasure gained in adventures across all of the Heroes within their guild. Heroes that are in the guild, but which did not participate in an adventure gain crystals to purchase new abilities and skills, albeit at a reduced pace than the Heroes who participated in the adventure. Switching between Heroes is done in downtime, between adventures.

Each player may only have three Heroes in the party’s guild. If a player wishes to add another Hero, and already has three Heroes, the player must dismiss one of their Heroes that are currently in the guild.

Guilds unlock a great deal of versatility for both your options in gameplay, and the stories a player can tell with their Heroes. Perhaps the story you want to tell is of brothers, one practiced in martial prowess, the other in magical might, who must struggle against their differing views on the world in addition to the denizens of darkness. Perhaps your party really needs a dexterity hero this adventure? Or perhaps a model was just released that would fit perfectly into your existing campaign?


Start Date

Not surprisingly, we’re getting asked a lot about when the Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter is beginning. It had originally been our hope to launch today (Oct 12). However, we are waiting on a few more sculpts and pieces of art to be completed, so that we can launch fully prepared, with a gorgeous lineup of models to show you.

 We know from experience that it is best to launch as prepared as possible and don’t want to rush anything to hit an arbitrary start date. We want to ensure that the forthcoming Kickstarter is our best, and most rewarding one yet!

We are still planning to launch this month. We will provide everyone with advance notice several days before launch, so that you can be prepared to pledge early and join us for the entire journey.