Adventures in Legends

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Adventures are the heart and soul of Legends. An adventure can be a single normal game of Super Dungeon Explore, played straight out of the box. An adventure can also be a premade fixed encounter designed by Soda Pop Miniatures, or a homemade narrative experience designed by your Consul. (Adventures can also be linked to form a campaign, but that’s another article!)


A typical adventure takes 2 – 4 hours to complete, so it is always best to choose a time when players can sit down and enjoy an evening playing Super Dungeon. Plenty of delicious snacks and tasty fizzy beverages are highly recommended!

Each adventure consists of the following components: Story, Objective, Monsters, Setup, Special Rules, Victory, and Rewards

Some adventures may consist of multiple scenes. A scene is a new and distinct phase of the adventure. For instance, having recovered the Cursed Gem of Alara from the kobold Inferno Cult in the first scene, the party must now navigate the kinoko infested undercity, in order to meet their fence to trade for rare chalcedony crystals the Sanctioned Witch needs for her next potion.

The time between adventures is called downtime. During downtime, Heroes may use loot, treasure, crystals, and other rewards they gained during the adventure to customize their Heroes to fit their own particular play-style and vision for their character. Let’s look at some of the things that occur during downtime.

Award Crystals: Heroes earn amethyst crystals for defeating monsters, overcoming challenges, or roleplaying during an adventure. Additionally, the Consul earns Crystals which can be used to purchase new schemes and advance monsters.

Disenchant:  In Legends the party keeps all cards they draw during an adventure in their backpack. All loot and treasure cards the Heroes acquired during the adventure must be disenchanted into their component crafting crystals. This includes both cards that were equipped and cards that remained in the backpack. Loot cards are worth one crystal of the same color as the loot. Treasure cards are worth three crystals of the same color as the treasure.


Now that you have all these crystals what do you do with them!?

Crafting: The party may spend crystals to visit the mighty crafter and enchanter, Gregorius Crystalpot the XXIV. Gregorius will take your hard-earned crystals and present you with a wonderful new item. Unfortunately, unless you’re skilled at crafting yourself, you’re never quite sure what you’ll get!

Hero Training: Heroes may spend crystals to train, allowing them to learn new skills, increase their attributes and gain other advancements.

Shopping: Crystalia has an entire industry of shopkeepers who cater to adventuring Heroes, maintaining a rotating stock of unique items. Conversely, there is also a shady network of villains, monsters and other assorted evildoers who cater to the needs of the Dark Consul’s minions. Heroes and the Consul may visit shops to purchase consumable goods, potions, and other one-use items for the next adventure.

Scheme: The Consul may spend crystals to purchase schemes. Schemes are one use cards that represent the various petty plots, dirty tricks, and machinations which monsters may use to defeat the Heroes.

Once the party has completed downtime, they’re ready for the next adventure! This is only a small taste of what Legends has to offer. We’ll continue the exploration as we march towards the launch of the Kickstarter in October!