Exploring Kickstarter - The Midnight Tower

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It’s still there. Great weeping Goddess, it’s all still there.

I reached the parapet, though it cost me much. There is a hollow place in my mind; I can feel it by its lack. I know not what I’ve lost, but I fear more what might be lurking there. That’s for another time. From the parapet, I looked down into the blank hole ripped in the world below the Tower and saw that it was not empty. The Rift had consumed the portion of the Fae Wood that had lived and grown here. Even as I watched, I saw darkness like roiling over the blighted trees. Silhouettes like worms writhed beneath the boughs, and shadows of invisible hunters, like great raptors, dove past withered leaves toward unseen targets.

And I heard the screaming. The musical voices of elves that had so long sung life into the world shrieked in fear and pain and despair; above all, despair. They were prey, trapped and tortured without hope rescue or succor. I could not save them. I could not even mercifully end their suffering. All I could do was run, and even then I barely escaped.

The Tower is completely lost, your majesty, and the Wood below is irredeemably corrupt. I shudder to think what evils it may spawn in the years to come.

I remain, forever in your loyal service,

Armin Alriss — from a secret report to the First King, released to royal scholars two centuries after.


Soda Pop Miniatures has explored several of the realms of Super Dungeon, beginning with the Dragonback Peaks, then Glauerdoom Moor, and last year the Fae Wood. With Legends we knew we wanted to introduce another realm to players, and none seemed so fitting as the very center of the Dark Consul’s power—The Midnight Tower.

The Midnight Tower stands within the heart of the Nether Rifts, the mystical chasm which descends into the Dark Realm. From this portal, the Dark Consul summoned forth hosts of monsters to ravage Crystalia. Even now, with the Dark Consul banished, the Nether Rifts and Midnight Tower are the origin of much of Crystalia’s woe.

The new inhabitants of The Midnight Tower are the nether elves, lead by The Midnight Queen. Descendents of the Deeproot Elves who were swallowed by the creation of the Nether Rifts, their hearts have turned wicked and cruel. In order to survive, even flourish, within the Dark Realm the Nether Elves turned to martial might. Their society has been refashioned into a warrior cult, where only those who accept their strict codes of martial discipline and “honor” are allowed to exist. They will sweep any who refuse to submit to their new world order.

In your games of Super Dungeon, the nether elves are a cohesive fighting force which use stealth to augment their attacks and force Heroes to close in to engage. All nether elves possess the signature ability Dread, which augments their offensive capabilities when they are benefitting from Stealth. Unsurprisingly, several key nether elf models, including their spawning point, possess the ability to generate auras of Stealth. The Midnight Tower includes two spawning points of nether elves, each consisting of a Tower Stalker which can teleport into other models’ shadows and deliver debilitating status effects, Tower Arbalists whose bolts chill the very soul, and Tower Blackblades whose martial discipline ensures their fellow Nether Elves are always in the proper position.

Some elves developed the gift to communicate with the demonic spiders which lurked in the Dark Realm. These Spider Speakers spawn swarms of poisonous spiders into battle alongside the nether elves. Key among the abilities of the spiders is the capability to weave webs which create difficult terrain hazards, allowing the Consul to control the dungeon in an all new and dynamic way. The sneaky Shadow Spinners can even weave webs of pure shadow, granting stealth and perfectly synergizing with their nether elf allies.

Should the Heroes make it through these devilish minions they must face The Midnight Queen. A cunning illusionist and powerful mage, The Midnight Queen is a powerful foe in her own right. Yet, Heroes never face The Midnight Queen alone, for she is protected by a magical guardian, Daemonus, who attacks any who come near and defends her with its life.


Of course no Level Box is complete without three mighty Heroes. The Midnight Tower introduces the Hearthsworn Tincan, Riftling Warrior, and Cat Burglar. The Tincan is melee fighter focusing on crowd control. Able to gain the ability Grabby, the Tincan can pull foes in close and prevent them from moving away. Whereas the Tincan focuses on defense and board control, the Riftling Warrior is all about damage. With a powerful charge action which grants extra movement after a Lance action, and the ability to generate blue dice (and thus Hearts) on a never before seen scale, the Riftling Warrior punishes any who stand in his way. The Cat Burglar specializes in fast movement and treasure acquisition. Be careful though, when she gets cornered she can throw a flurry of daggers which poison anyone they strike!

The Midnight Tower is only the beginning of our journey in the Nether Rifts. It provides a first glimpse at the true might of the Dark Consul, and establishes a rich source of monsters for your games of Super Dungeon Explore and a wonderful realm of adventure and storytelling for your games of Legends.  With your help we plan to reveal many additional horrors spawned from the Dark Realms.