Exploring Kickstarter - Press Start

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Soda Pop Miniatures recently made the exciting announcement for an all new Super Dungeon Kickstarter. As we run up to the Kickstarter we’d like to explore some of the items that will be debuting in the base pledge levels, as well as look forward to what we’re planning to bring to Super Dungeon  with each product, and the Kickstarter in general.

One of the items that inspired the most discussion from our announcement was Super Dungeon  Explore: 2nd Edition. This made it a natural fit for our first article. What is 2nd Edition, what makes it exciting, and, of course, will there be a pledge without it?

To answer the last question first—yes. The Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter will feature pledges for both new players and veterans, with a pledge level including Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition and an alternate pledge level without it. That said, lets discuss what 2nd Edition brings to Super Dungeon.

Forgotten King, like the original Super Dungeon Explore, is a massive box set! Filled with two modes of gameplay, fiction, tons of models, Forgotten King is a premium board game at a premium price. With 2nd Edition we want to introduce a whole new group of fans to Super Dungeon Explore at an affordable price, while still maintaining a premium experience.

Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition is designed around smaller, faster games with three spawning points, a single mini-boss, and a fearsome Dungeon Boss. A wide variety of Heroes and multiple monster profiles help keep the game fresh and exciting. 2nd Edition introduces new players to Super Dungeon and is wallet friendly, while still providing the beautiful models, art, and components that fans of Soda Pop Miniatures have come to expect. When it’s time for new challenges and bigger games, players can pick-and-choose from the expansive line of Super Dungeon Heroes, Warbands, and Level boxes to enhance their experience.

For veterans of Super Dungeon, 2nd Edition is more than just an updated rulebook that features the errata and clarifications from the last year-plus of play. New Dragonback Peak themed dungeon tiles make their debut and expand your existing collection of dungeon tiles. Both the Loot Deck and Treasure Deck feature completely new items, and can be added directly to your existing base decks to increase the variety of gear Heroes can acquire. Likewise, a new Explore Deck, featuring more beneficial exploration rewards, encourages Heroes to search every nook and cranny of the dungeon. Just like the loot and treasure deck, the Explore Deck can be used on its own or added to the Forgotten King deck to provide a wide array of exploration possibilities.


Of course, it’s not Super Dungeon Explore without a stunning array of models, and we’ve taken the opportunity to bring our only unassembled models to dynamic, new life. 2nd Edition features eight Heroes, Angry Bear, Starfire the Ruby Dragon, Rex the Kobold Ogre, drakes and kobolds. New players can discover these models for the first time, assembled and ready to play. Veterans can use the models with their existing collection to represent alternate profiles or, in games of Legends, as advanced monsters and epic evolutions of Heroes as they advance in class.

The Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter is poised to provide a huge amount of exciting new content for veterans and new players alike. Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition provides an excellent entry point for new players, while remaining an enticing option for veteran players looking to expand their collection.