Announcing Super Dungeon Tactics

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Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division Publishing, and Underbite Games are proud to announce the upcoming Super Dungeon: Tactics video game. As a special treat to our fans, the Boo Booty USB Drive includes a preinstalled Alpha Demo of the game.

The current alpha demo is a basic, turn-based two-player battle on a single map. Though the final game is a while off, we wanted to share some of the exciting ideas we are exploring. The final product will include:

  • Story Missions rich in Crystalia Lore
  • Challenging Side Quests
  • Endless Dungeon Exploring
  • Expanding Explorer’s Guild
  • Your Favorite Heroes
  • Character Progression and Loot
  • Multiplayer Arenas

With your help, we plan to make an awesome game for fans and newcomers of the world of Crystalia. Expect to see more updates as we continue to work hard on bringing Super Dungeon: Tactics to life!