Painting Cerci Speed Circuit

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The ladies of the Cerci Speed Circuit definitely, in my opinion, capture the essence of a great deal of the great anime background and feel. Strong female leads in daring and flashy roles (not to mention revealing outfits), these girls are ready to get stuck into the action and win – possibly at all costs.

When it comes to painting up this faction, bright, saturated colors are certainly the order of the day. Vibrant pinks, yellows, and greens work alongside clean and shiny whites and silvers, with just the right amount of stark black for contrast. If you are used to painting miniatures for games with a darker, more grim outlook, these models are certainly a great breath of fresh air.

What follows is an almost step-by-step guide for painting the mainstay of a Cerci Speed Circuit force – the Pit Crew minion. Read More.


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