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Onami is a strategic card game for 2-6 players rooted in Japanese culture. Players attempt to capture territories on a 5x5 field, where opponents lay claim to territories via card and token placement. Gain power by taking control of your neighbors’ holdings through a single move, or by performing strategic “waves” of conquest.

Onami is easy to learn, yet possesses enough complexity to present a new challenge every game; keeping even the most stalwart generals coming back for more.

2 - 6 players
15 - 30 minute game time
Ages 8+Beautiful, Japanese inspired theme
Easy to learn.

1 Instruction Manual
1 Game Board
49 Game Cards
25 Six-Sided Player Markers
25 Two-Sided Player Markers

Product Information:
NJD Code: NJD050101
Studio: Wyvern
Game: Onami
MSRP: $29.99
Materials: Print, Wood Markers
Packaging: Box
Release Date: Direct Only

Card Game, Competitive, Multiplayer Game, Thematic Game