Herald of Vulcanis


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Herald of Vulcanis

Lord Vulcanis was cast from the marble halls of Celestia due to his fiery temper and bellicose nature. Since his fall he has focused his considerable might on destroying the Celestials' realm. Filled with fury at his continued failure he has sent his Heralds across Crystalia to rally the dark races to his banner and subjugate those who would oppose him.

Product Information:

  • NJD Code: SPM210205
  • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
  • Game: Super Dungeon Explore
  • Price: $12.95
  • Model Materials: Preassembled Plastic
  • Packaging: Box


  • Herald of Vulcanis Model
  • Herald of Vulcanis Mini-Boss Classic Card
  • Herald of Vulcanis Mini-Boss Arcade Card
  • Dark Centurion Hero Card
  • Vulcanis's Maul Treasure Card

*Model supplied unpainted. Contents may vary from those shown.