Caverns of Roxor: 2nd Edition


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The Lord of the Fire Flows, Roxor, seeks to create a molten paradise for his elemental minions. Harboring no empathy for the “soft” races, he readily allies himself with the Dark Consul in order to bring fiery ruin to Crystalia!

Caverns of Roxor: 2nd Edition is a level box for games of Super Dungeon. This level box includes three heroes, one mini boss, monsters, and The Lord of the Fire Flows, Roxor—featuring all new sculpts for Roxor, Princess Ruby, and the Deeproot Scout. The level box also includes Classic and Arcade Mode Cards for monsters, as well as themed Treasure Cards, making it a full-on, fiery battle for fans of Super Dungeon!

Super Dungeon introduced the world to the whimsy and charm of chibi-miniature board games, inspired by classic video games, and continues to be the leader in providing a fun and lighthearted family board game experience. Strongly supported with dozens of expansions that provide new Heroes, monsters, dungeon tiles, and gameplay options, Caverns of Roxor: 2nd Edition is sure to join the Super Dungeon family of products as a staple of family game nights worldwide!

Check out our unboxing video for Caverns of Roxor: 2nd Edition HERE!

Game expansion
Ages 14+
Retro video game theme
Chibi/Anime theme
Competitive or Cooperative gameplay
Fully assembled miniatures
Fire and Lava Themed Creatures

1 Princes Ruby Hero
1 Deeproot Scout Hero
1 Star Guild Sapper Hero
1 Roxor Dungeon Boss
1 Rockgut Mini-Boss
1 Lava Whirl Spawning Point
2 Rock Pile Spawning Points
29 Minion Monsters
3 Hero Game Cards
1 Roxor Boss Fight Card
15 Classic Mode Monster Game Cards
12 Arcade Mode Monster Game Cards
9 Treasure Cards

Action Point Allowance, Adventure, Anime, Board Game, Chibi, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Fantasy, Family Game, Expansion, Miniatures Game, Multiplayer Game, Solo Play, Tactics, Thematic Game