Testudo Tower


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Testudo Tower is a new dungeon boss for games of Super Dungeon Explore. This expansion box includes the new dungeon boss, Testudo Tower, and six hardshell Demolition Expert creeps. The expansion box also includes Classic and Arcade Mode Cards for monsters, as well as themed Treasure Cards, making it a fun addition for fans of Super Dungeon Explore.

The ground trembles and shakes with each step of the mightiest of all rocktops, the Testudo Tower! The biggest and coolest of all rocktop crushers, Testudo Tower rules the rough and rocky caverns beneath the Dragonback Peaks. Easily seduced by the allure of flashy trinkets, and determined to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the Testudo Tower happily sells his services to the highest bidder.

Super Dungeon introduced the world to the whimsy and charm of chibi-miniature board games, inspired by classic video games, and continues to be the leader in providing a fun and lighthearted family board game experience. Strongly supported with dozens of expansions that provide new Heroes, monsters, dungeon tiles, and gameplay options, Testudo Tower is sure to join the Super Dungeon family of products as a staple of family game nights worldwide!

1 - 6 players.
90 - 180 minute game time.
Ages 14+
Retro video game theme.
Chibi/Anime theme.
Competitive or Cooperative gameplay.
Fully assembled miniatures.
Fully expandable and customizable.

1 Testudo Tower Dungeon Boss
6 Demolition Expert Creeps
2 Classic Mode Monster Game Cards
2 Arcade Mode Monster Game Cards
1 Testudo Tower Boss Fight Card
6 Treasure Cards

Action Point Allowance, Adventure, Anime, Board Game, Chibi, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Fantasy, Family Game, Miniatures Game, Multiplayer Game, Solo Play, Tactics, Thematic Game