Space Dandy: Galactic Deck-Building Game Deluxe Limited Edition


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Space Dandy: Galactic Deck-Building Game Deluxe Limited Edition brings the bizarre space-faring antics of the hit anime series seen on ADULT SWIM™ TOONAMI™ to the game table. Soaring past planets, players assume the role of Space Dandy as they attempt to register aliens and earn the most Woolong--the standard currency in explored universes! Featuring 200  cards featuring artwork from the Space Dandy anime series—including favorite crew members, aliens, and special effects— players will attempt to fill the recently reset database of the Alien Registration Center.  Employing careful strategy and dandy wit, players will attack others, replenish crew, and nab aliens before they must destroy the Gogol Empire that threatens their quest for cold, hard Woolong! Of course, no one can out-dandy Space Dandy except Space Dandy!

Space Dandy: Galactic Deck Building Game Deluxe Limited Edition is not only an exciting tabletop game from the animated series seen on ADULT SWIM™ TOONAMI™, it is also perfect fit for fans of anime, whimsical aliens, spacey shenanigans,  bodacious babes, and booty! (It’s always about the booty, baby!)

* 200 Very Dandy Cards!
* 40 Plastic Tokens
* 4 Planetside Boards
* 1 Orbit Board
* 1 12 Page Rulebook

* 2 - 4 Players
* 60+ Minute Game Time
* Ages 12+
* Space Dandy Anime Themed
* Quirky Space Aliens
* Deck Building Game

Aliens, Anime, Cards, Deck Building, Humor, Sci-Fi, Space, Strategy Game, Token Collecting