Raid & Trade: Metal Credit Discs


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Raid & Trade: Metal Credit Discs is a pack of five metal coins of three different values (2, 3, and 4) that substitute the base credit disc tokens in the base game of Raid & Trade. In game, when a player decides to visit the Outpost she or he has two options: Either to test new medicine or to work toward collecting a credit disc. If a player collects a credit disc, she or he gains favor points—one of three possible winning conditions—and comes closer to victory.

Raid & Trade is a strategic board game of survival for 3 to 5 players. As a survivor of the third world war, you must prove yourself worthy of entering the Golden City--humanity’s last bastion of civilization. Whether working cooperatively with fellow players through trading, rummaging materials, and crafting useful goods, or simply taking what you need with force, you’ll fight to earn your way into into the Golden City.

* 1 4-point 30 mm Double-sided Metal Coin
* 2 3-point 30 mm Double-sided Metal Coins
* 2 2-point 30 mm Double-sided Metal Coins

* Zinc Alloy Coins
* Custom Logo
* Three Different Point-Values

Action Point Allowance, Board Game, Competitive Play, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Expansion, Exploration, Multiplayer Game, Negotiation, Science Fiction, Trading