12 Realms Dark Lords Pack


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12 Realms: Dark Lords Pack is a set of eight Dark Lord miniatures for fairytale-inspired games of 12 Realms. Each pack contains the Dark Lords Jack Rackham and The Pirate King of the Bones Island realm, Bakeneko and Tamamo No Mae of the Cherry Blossom realm, Snow Queen and Titania of the Fairy Forest realm, and The Mouse King and Von Rothbart of the Silver Kingdom realm. Each Dark Lord miniature is also finely-detailed and creatively crafted to bring the game to life in full-on, three dimensional battles between good and evil thatdetermne the fate of all fairytale realms.

12 Realms is the core game in an evergrowing line of popular expansions exploring new realms. The fairytale theme is strongly carried throughout the entire product with its beautiful realm maps, character illustrations, and sculpts. The cooperative gameplay makes 12 Realms an ideal family game where children, young and old, can become their favorite heroes and work together to save the day!

* 1 Jack Rackham Miniature
* 1 The Pirate King Miniature
* 1 Bakeneko Miniature
* 1 Tamamo No Mae Miniature
* 1 Snow Queen Miniature
* 1 Titania Miniature
* 1 The Mouse King Miniature
* 1 Von Rothbart Miniature

* Building Expansion
* Ages 11+
* Fantasy fairytale theme.
* 8 Dark Lord Miniatures. (Base Assembly Required)
* Fully expandable and customizable.

Adventure, Board Game, Cooperative Play, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Family Game, Miniatures Game, Multiplayer Game, Solo Play, Strategy, Thematic Game.