Shattered Sword Battle Box


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Shattered Sword Battle Box

The paladins of the Shattered Sword have stood as a bulwark defending the Alliance for millennia. The Darkspace Calamity has seen this gallant organization spread thin throughout the stars in a bid to stem the encroaching chaos.

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, mini-rulebook with complete game rules, an esper deck, and tons of tokens; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

Product Information:

  • NJD Code: SPM142001
  • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
  • Game: Relic Knights
  • Price: $49.95
  • Model Materials: Plastic (Assembly Required)
  • Packaging: Box


  • 1x Francis Malory Model — Questing Knight
  • 1x Quill — Cypher
  • 2x Paragon Models — Minion Squad
  • 5x Swordsworn Models — Minion Squad
  • 7x 30mm and 2x 40mm Bases
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards
  • 32 page Mini-Rulebook
  • 54 Card Battle Deck
  • 3x 50mm Blue Acrylic Objective Markers
  • 28x 30mm Blue Acrylic Tokens