Possessed Twilight Knight: Oracle of Nozuki


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The possessed Twilight Knight Oracle of Nozuki is a Void Hero to include in your games of Relic Knights.

Check out a 360 turn around video of the sculpt HERE.

Trapped for uncountable centuries, an Oracle of Noh lay dormant within an ancient sword. The artifact, mistakenly on display at a game store as a cosplay prop, was purchased by an avid fan of popular death themed tabletop game. That night, it whispered to her, promising the very stars themselves. And that night she accepted. Plunging the blade deep into her body as willing host! That embolden act of stupidity nearly cost them both their life, as it was unnecessary for the possession. With tremendous tenacity, not only did the young woman survive the transformation she also pushed back the Oracle to share a consciousness! She wrapped her cosplay cloak around herself and left her mortal life behind. The promise of the stars and the bridge of corpses she would build towards them filled her with excitement.

Concept art by Lokman.
Sculpted by the Kingdom Death design team.

We are excited to partner with Kingdom Death for this Twilight Knight Relic Knights crossover.

We will fill in the details as they come in!

This item is currently slated to be delivered in wave 2 of fullfillment.

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