Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Rulebook


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Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is bigger and better than ever! The 2nd Edition rules feature two softbound books in a hardback slipcase.

The 112 page rulebook features all of the rules you need to play your games of Relic Knights 2nd Edition. This book covers complete unit profiles for every faction, including two brand new units per faction, and a host of new Void and Radiant units to supplement your cadres! This sleek rulebook is easy to take to game night and use as a complete reference during your games!

The 272 page Darkspace Calamity background book is your indispensable guide to the Last Galaxy and the Relic Knights universe. Darkspace Calamity features the original storyline from 1st edition, completely rewritten and updated for new audiences, complete faction backgrounds, unit bios, a history of the Last Galaxy, miniature galleries, hobby guide, and pages of stunning new art.