Rail Raiders Infinite


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Rail Raiders Infinite is a chibi sci-fi western board game for 2 to 4 players engaged in a shakedown of the Interstellar Express space-rail. Featuring beautifully illustrated, double-sided traincar tiles and stunningly whimsical chibi Soda Pop Miniatures, Rail Raiders Infinite draws the eyes as players draw their guns in this space-age western stick up. Mixing quick card mechanics and dueling dice battles, players bum-rush the rail to take away the biggest haul of double-dollars in the wildest heist this side of the galaxy!

In Rail Raiders Infinite, players assume the role of one of six unique raiders. Jumping from car to car in search of precious loot, players encounter Lawbots bent on stopping them in their tracks. Using unique abilities and sharp-shooting quick rolls with the game’s custom poker dice, players work collaboratively or competitively to destroy the bots. Following poker-inspired rules for combat dice rolls, the player who scores the highest hand wins the roll and brings in the dough. As players profit double-dollars, it becomes an all-out showdown to snag the most booty before the train makes it to the station.

Rail Raiders Infinite is a rousing railway rummage like no other! Strongly supported with dozens of expansions that extend the game with new raiders, bots, traincar tiles, game cards, and gameplay options, Rail Raiders Infinite is sure to be a staple of game nights worldwide!

Rail Raider Game Play


  • Rail Raiders Infinite Rulebook
  • 6 Raider Models
  • 6 Raider Cards
  • 14 Lawbot Models
  • 14 Train Cars
  • 56 High Noon Cards
  • 56 Loot Cards
  • 56 Long Arm of the Law Cards
  • 20 Double-sided Loot Counters
  • 1 Dealer Counter
  • 30 Double Dollar Counters


  • 2 - 4 players
  • 60 - 90 minute game time
  • Ages 14+
  • Competitive or Cooperative gameplay
  • Fully assembled miniatures
  • Custom poker game dice
  • Chibi/Anime theme
  • Sci-Fi Western theme