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Tengu is a mercenary ronin for Ninja All-Stars. Ronin bring potent new abilities to a player’s team that are entirely unique to them. As mercenaries, ronin may be used by any player, on any team. This makes ronin invaluable assets for every team, regardless of clan, since they may be used to supplement a team’s weaknesses in battle or further augment their strengths.

Of the many magical creatures and peoples that inhabit Kagejima, the Tengu are among the most enigmatic. For centuries, these strange creatures would barter or trade their magical and martial skills to the competing clans or war bands. Sometimes they did so for gold or shiny baubles, and sometimes for whispers of love from a beautiful woman, the first wail of a newborn, or thirty stems of saffron. Since the start of the Moonlight Tournament, more tengu have offered their services more often, and increasingly for stranger payments. Though many find this curious, or even ominous, few are unwilling to at least try and meet the price.

Introduces Unique Abilities
Fully Assembled Model
Mystical and Magical Mercenary Ronin

1 Tengu
1 Tengu Reference Card

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